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The Rural Church


5th Semester Studio Project, Batch: 2015 - 2020

Instructors: Ajay K. Jacob, John B. John, Renjith J. George

2 Jubilee Church_Richard Meier_Analysis
3 Jubilee Church_Richard Meier_Study Model
3 Luis Barragan_Chapel of the Caputina 2
4 Ronchamp Chapel_Le Corbusier_Analysis
5 Ronchamp Chapel_Le Corbusier_Analysis
6 Bagsvaerd Church_Jorn Utzon_Study Model
7 Parumala Church_Charles Correa_Study Model
8 Church of Three Crosses_Alvar Aalto_Study Model
9 IESU Church_Rafael Moneo_Study Model
10 Neha BR_Concept 1-min
11 Neha BR_Concept 2
12 Neha BR_Plan
13 Neha BR_Section
14 The Team_Site Visit

Project Description

The studio project explored the making of a place that could serve both as a church and a community centre in a remote village. It is being imagined that, apart from the religious functions, the building supports other social and recreational needs of residents around, and thus becomes an active place in the community life of these residents. The strong community concern had to be reflected in the design, in relating the planning to week-day uses. The key consideration had to be flexibility.

The selection of materials and construction techniques had to be based on economy and possibility of involving the community itself in the construction process, to generate local employment and a sense of ownership for the place. Form of the buildings itself should embellish and give character to the whole. Ornamentation should disappear.

The studio aimed at helping the student better imagine the nature of the community, and the community institution in a given context. The dual dimension of the program, it is hoped, will help the students understand the reality of multipurpose spaces in resource constrained settings.

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