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Ajay K. Jacob

Associate Professor

Ajay graduated from College of Engineering Trivandrum in 2010 and completed his post-graduation in Theory and Design with top honors from CEPT University, Ahmedabad in 2014. He believes that making architecture is always about intervening in a specific historical situation and it becomes valuable only when it enters into a meaningful dialogue with the existing situation, and finds its place in the larger whole.  His practice ‘Thinking Dwelling Studio’ revolves around this passionate desire to make architecture that unfolds in time in a manner that draws upon history. His master’s thesis on Padmanabhapuram Palace explored his interest in the nature of ‘unfolding’ and also won him a commendation at the Indian Institute of Architects’ National Awards 2015. Ajay has a keen interest in the architecture of the past and considers research and pedagogy as means to nourish his practice. He is one of the contributors in the book on architectural education titled ‘Learning Architecture’ by Prof. Kulbhushan Jain, published in 2019. Apart from architecture, his interests include literature, sculpting and farming. Ajay has been associated with our institution since 2015.

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