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Documentation: Holy Cross Church, Cheriyakonni 


Architect: Laurie Baker

Batch: 2019 -2024 

Instructors: Ajay K. Jacob, Ansha Thomas, Muhammed Yaseen

1 Plan
2 Section and Elevation
3 Rafter Plan
4 Sketch 1
5 Sketch 2
6 m

Project Description

Arguably one of the earlier masterpieces by Laurie Baker; in this small Church at Cheriyakonni, Baker explored the themes and materials, which were to be culminated in the much grander Thiruvella Cathedral (demolished). The church in plan is a twelve sided polygon with stone buttresses in each corner, supporting the steeping roof, allegorical to the twelve apostles as the pillars of the church. The three faces in the west act as the entrance to the church, with abstract iconography of apostles on the steel grill doors. The central altar facing the east and the radial nave with its flooring pattern also evoke the rising sun as one enters the church. The entrance to the Baptistery and the Sunday School is from the east and they are also connected to the nave from inside. Here also one can find abstract iconography inspired from the biblical stories. The web like wooden truss roof spanning the church is a captivating element in the design. It consists of twelve principal rafters that run from the supporting stone buttresses to the apex, with the wooden cross as the ridge pole. The thoughtfully designed auxiliary rafters and the tie beams not only make the roof structurally sound and cost effective, but also make it an integral part of the overall experience of the space.

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