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Bamboo Pavilion


6th Semester Studio Project, Batch: 2019 - 2024

Instructors: Ajay K. Jacob, Ansha Thomas, Muhammed Yaseen

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Project Description

The three day minor project was to design a bamboo pavilion with a span of 100 sq mt. As it was one among the spaces in their major project of Reimagining Laurie Baker Centre, the design had to go with their overall campus planning concept. It also had to be an inherent expression of the structural qualities of bamboo. Students were encouraged to work with scale models throughout the design development, to have a tactile understanding of working with materials.

The above design by our student Fathima Mehna had won a prize at the international design competition ‘Rethinking Bamboo’ held in Nepal. The competition was organized in collaboration with ABARI Nepal as part of the14th National ASA Architectural Exhibition 'SAMSARA' and aimed at discovering new possibilities and thereby challenging the perception society has towards bamboo as a construction material.

Jury Comments: Fathima's design flawlessly delivers the beauty of bamboo structure. Beautiful form, intricate details, functional space and exquisite use of bamboos' flexibility to create a woven structure.

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