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Reimagining Laurie Baker Centre, Trivandrum


Campus Planning Studio conducted in collaboration with LBC

6th Semester Project, Batch: 2019 - 2024

Instructors: Ajay K. Jacob, Ansha Thomas, Muhammed Yaseen

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Project Description

Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies, Trivandrum is a training-cum-research institute started by Baker’s friends and disciples to promote his philosophy and approach to cost-effective and sustainable habitat. The existing campus of LBC, originally designed by Baker as a Community Living Centre named ‘Navayatra’, was later adapted to accommodate the activities of LBC. The design of buildings, organically merging with the landscape is unique and it happens to be the last campus design by Laurie Baker.


The hypothetical project was to design a new campus for LBC, with tailor-made spaces, reflecting Baker’s approach to architecture. The site identified for the project abuts the existing campus designed by Baker, offering views from and towards it. The proximity of buildings designed by Baker with the site and the undulating topography became important catalysts in the design process. The students also got the opportunity to interact directly with Baker’s disciples, experience the beautiful campus of Laurie Baker Centre and to study Baker’s buildings up-close for one week, before they came up with their designs. 

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