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The Bhutan Studio


5th Semester Studio Project, Batch: 2017 - 2022

Instructors: Ajay K. Jacob, Arun Joseph, Revathy Raju

1 The Site-min
2 The Site
3 Study Model
4 Study Model
5 Study Model
6 Study Model
7 Study Model
8 Study Model
9 Live Sketch_Shwetha
10 Sketches_Zainab-min
11 Sketches
12 Concept_Zainab
13 Concept _Sreya
14 The Team on Site Visit-min

Project Description

This hypothetical project was to design a new entrance and Visitor Centre for the historic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan. The monastery is a significant landmark on a prominent landscape, a place of great cultural heritage and historical significance with characteristics that need to be fully preserved.The site for the project was at the base of the trekking trail to the monastery, with the spectacular view of the distant monastery as the backdrop.


The prime concern of the design exercise was to find a contemporary expression for the project that is highly sensitive to the historic monument. The proximity and the visual connectivity of the site, both towards and from the monument could become an important catalyst in the design process. When generating a concept for an intervention located in proximity to such an important monument, it is essential that the design emphasizes, respects and celebrates the site, while providing visitors with a unique experience.


As part of their study, the students also visited traditional peasant houses, temples, bridges and other major Dzongs in Bhutan.

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